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3", 2" and1"Ø
shaped 2" Ø w/ external amplifier

A Sigma dry couplant continuous test wheelprobe is more than an ultrasonic transducer. The wheel probe is an ultrasonic inspection configuration device in which a variety of transducers can be included, such that inspections; axially, circumferentially, and for wall thickness can be done simultaneously. The wheel probe has no absolute dimensions, the diameter can be changed to accomodate various inspection requirements, the body length can be changed to add more transducers, and the externals of the axle can be easily adapted to most any manual or automatic scanner.
The SIGMA Wheelprobe is not an oil filled tire. The wheelprobe is a precision instrument with two primary components: the stator (axle), which contains the various transducers; and the rotor (wheel), which rotates about the stator on precision bearings. The replaceable tire which mounts on th wheel, provides ultrasonic coupling to the part being inspected. Different tire materials are available, depending on surface condition and the required tire wear.

To order please call SIGMA, or define the unit according to the "PART NUMBER GUIDELINE" on page 20.

The following is an example of a typical part No.:

SDWC5-2(.25x.50)0L-FD.4-RA 10.0 describes the following unit:

  • Sigma Dual Wheelprobe

  • For testing in Carbon steel material

  • Operating frequency 5 MHz

  • 2 elements .25 in. Long by .50 in. wide

  • Refracted Exit Angle 0 degree Longitudinal

  • Focal Depth .40 inches

  • Radiused Axially 10.0 in. for pipeline O.D.

  • Some current applications of the wheel probe

  • Wall thickness Shuttle Booster Rocket

  • Multi-element (wall thickness, cw, ccw and     side looking) for tubular inspection

  • Two unit pair pitch/catch, radiused, for pipe     content inspection

  • Dual-Dual stretch for rectangular tubing

  • Hi-pressure (3000psi) compensated for gas     pipeline inspection.

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