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Various styles of
Bore Probes
Faceted Probe for angled Immersion tests
Miniature ID Bore Probe with up and down looking singles and tandem dual creeping wave
Dual focused
0 degree Probe

A SIGMA Bore Probe is an ultrasonic inspection apparatus in which a variety of transducers can be included. One SIGMA Bore Probe can perform multiple inspections simultaneously: in the axial and circumferential directions for the O.D. and I.D., including the I.D. surface with a creeping wave, while measuring wall thickness.

The SIGMA Bore Probe has no absolute dimensions, the diameter can be changed to accommodate various bore dimensions, the body length can be changed to add more transducers. The limitations are based on the law of physics and the imagination.

The SIGMA Bore Probe can be designed to contain refracting wedges which are held in contact against the I.D. by integral opposing ball plungers, or contain immersion facets and lenses which are held centered in the bore by radially mounted integral ball plungers. Flooding the bore with water normally fulfills the coupling requirements.

To order please call SIGMA, or define the unit according to the "PART NUMBER GUIDELINE"

The following is an example of a typical part No.:

SPSC2.25-2(45SF)-60SD-70SD-0L-5 describes the following unit:

  • Sigma Pump Shaft Probe
  • For testing in Carbon Steel material
  • Operating frequency 2.25 MHz
  • 2 elements 45S hear
  • Facing each other
  • 60 degree Shear
  • 70 degree Shear
  • Down looking
  • 0 degree Longitudinal
  • 5MHz for wall thickness

Some different size holes SIGMA Bore Probes have gotten themselves into.

  • .25 to 1.0 in. for Stud Bolt Inspection
  • 1.0 in. nominal for Pump Shaft Inspection
  • 1.5 in. Reactor ISI and J weld Inspection
  • 2.0 in. Incore Repair for Weld Build-up
  • 5.0 to 6.0 in. Stub Tube Inspection and Repair

Each SIGMA Transducer is certified using the Sonix ProbeTEST™. A permanent record is maintained at SIGMA to verify comparison with probes manufactured at a later time. A copy of the certification is supplied to the customer at

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