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0.20 inch element immersion
Bolt head inspection probe
Immersion transducers for angle beam testing
Assorted dual and single immersion transducers

SIGMA Immersion Transducers are designed to provide wide use in scanning systems, whether manual, or automatic. Immersion Transducers are ideal where a part can be immersed, since a liquid separation between the transducer and the part to be inspected allows excellent conformity and front surface resolution. In addition, the liquid path enables the user to bracket the inspection zone in the part between front surface liquid multiples, and manipulate the Transducer to allow a full range of inspection angles.
SIGMA Immersion Transducers are available in four standard types:

MINIATURE-.38 inches in diameter X 1.45" long

  • ELEMENT SIZE-.125 to .25 inch diameter
  • FREQUENCY-1.0 to 15MHz
  • CONNECTOR-Lemo 01 or Microdot

    ISS-.63 inches diameter X 2.0" long

  • ELEMENT SIZE-.25 to .50 inches in diameter
  • FREQUENCY-1.0 to 15MHz

    LARGE-element size dependant

  • ELEMENT SIZE- .75 inch diameter and up
  • FREQUENCY- element size dependant

    For general higher temperature use, see High Temperature Transducers.

All SIGMA Immersion Transducers are available as focused units, either spherical or cylindrical, by lens or by ground element, (ground element is limited to 10MHz). Focusing is limited by Near Field distance.

To order please call SIGMA or define the unit according to the following guideline.


The following is an example of a typical part No.:

SIML1B-1/4-10.0 describes the following unit:

  • Sigma Immersion Miniature
  • Lemo 01 connector
  • Broad band
  • Element size 1/4 inch diameter
  • Operating frequency 10 MHz

Each SIGMA Transducer is certified using the Sonix ProbeTEST™. A permanent record is maintained at SIGMA to verify comparison with probes manufactured at a later time. A copy of the certification is supplied to the customer at


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