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Dual focused transducers for mechanized scanning
Wheel probes adapt well
to mechanized use

Retractable cables

All SIGMA transducers can be fabricated to mount in automated scanning systems. SIGMA transducer cases are machined from stainless steel (unless requested otherwise by the customer). Therefore SIGMA can easily fabricate cases to exacting specifications, including meeting customer mechanical interface requirements.
The general configuration of a SIGMA mechanized unit includes: a stainless steel case with gimble holes drilled into the sides tp mate with with standard manipulators; tubes for couplant feed interface; and couplant ports and grooves machined into the wedge contact surface.

For example a SIGMA Standard Dual Angle Beam, mechanized version, contains; four holes for gimble mounts, one centered on each side; two couplant feed tubes mounted through a stainless steel top at the front corners; and three grooves machined into the wedge contact surface, one across the front and one down each side intersecting with the couplant ports at each corner.

When ordering use the Part number for the unit to be mechanized, specify "MECHANIZED UNIT" and provide SIGMA with mechanical interface requirements.

The following is an example of a typical part No.:

SDA2-2(18x10)60L-F30 describes the following unit:

  • Sigma Dual

  • For testing in Austinetic material

  • Operating frequency 2 MHz

  • 2 elements 18 mm Long by 10 mm wide

  • Refracted Exit Angle 60 degree Longitudinal

  • Focal sound path 30 mm

  • For automated inspection system
  • Each SIGMA Transducer is certified using the Sonix ProbeTEST™. A permanent record is maintained at SIGMA to verify comparison with probes manufactured at a later time. A copy of the certification is supplied to the customer at



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