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Front Index Diagram
Sigma Single Front Index Transducer
Sigma Dual Front Index Transducer

The SIGMA FIT has an index point of < 0.15 inches (3.81mm) from the front of the unit. The FIT utilizes SIGMA'S extended wedge design, such that the front of the case and the front of the wedge are flush. This design provides the maximum soundpath into the part when the weld crowns interfere, or when standard probes are stopped by tight corners.

To order please call SIGMA, or define the unit according to the "PART NUMBER GUIDELINE"

The following is an example of a typical part No.:

SDFA4-2(.25x.25)70L-FD.4 describes the following unit:

  • Sigma Dual Front Index
  • For testing in Austinetic material
  • Operating frequency 4 MHz
  • 2 elements .25 inches Long by .25 inches wide
  • Refracted Exit Angle 70 degree Longitudinal
  • Focal Depth .40 inches

Sigma Front Index Transducers are available as mechanized units for automated scanning systems. To specify, simply request the unit desired and request "Mechanized Unit."

To specify a SIGMA Front Index for high temperature the temperature required must be requested.

Each SIGMA Transducer is certified using the Sonix ProbeTEST™. A permanent record is maintained at SIGMA to verify comparison with probes manufactured at a later time. A copy of the certification is supplied to the customer at


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