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Tandem Dual Diagram
Sigma Tandem Dual

The SIGMA Tandem Dual is comprised of wedges machined from "Loten" mounted in tandem. The Tandem Dual, normally used in the manual mode, is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 350o F, (by request), and can stand an accumulated dose of > 108 RADS. However SIGMA Tandem Duals are available in any standard wedge material and some not so standard, by request.
The Tandem Dual is a useful bi-modal transducer, combining the high signal to noise ratio of the dual, with the sizing capability of a single wedge I.D. creeping wave probe. This unit has been manufactured to inspect at various exit angles, however 60o is the most common. In addition to the normal exit angle on axis, some of these units have been manufactured to side refract simultaneously for inspecting complex geometries.

To order please call SIGMA, or define the unit according to the "PART NUMBER GUIDELINE"

The following is an example of a typical part No: SDTA4-2(8x8)60L-F30 describes the following unit:
  • Sigma Dual Tandem
  • For testing in Austinetic material
  • Operating frequency 4 MHz
  • 2 elements 8mm long by 8mm wide
  • Refracted Exit Angle 60 degree Longitudinal
  • Focal sound path 30mm

SIGMA Tandem Duals are available as mechanized units for automated scanning systems. To specify, simply request the unit desired and request "Mechanized Unit."

To specify a SIGMA Tandem Dual for high temperature the temperature required must be requested.

Each SIGMA Transducer is certified using the Sonix ProbeTEST™. A permanent record is maintained at SIGMA to verify comparison with probes manufactured at a later time. A copy of the certification is supplied to the customer at



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